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Mona takes care of me and my business as if it is the most precious thing.

She’s incredibly attentive.
She over delivers in her running of my business
which allows me to relax and just focus on what I do well.
She is an incredible asset to my business.
She is also a wonderful woman that values and empowers the work I do in the world.

Her work is exquisite but so is her presence.
She always creates beauty in the things I bring out into
the world and is always kind about how she does it. 

Having Mona means I have time to focus on the things that I love to do and am good at and have someone that is always being attentive to the other important aspects of running a business online that I am not able to tend to.

I choose Mona because of her care that is authentic,
because of the quality of her work,
because of how easy and seamless it is to work with her,
and also because she is just a wonderful and nice human being!”

Business or Project Management

for Select Clients • Starting at $4,500/mth
(Requires a three-month minimum commitment.)

This is for you if:

This offering may also include:

Operations Assistance / Task Implementation

Starting at $2,500/mth

This is for you if:

“Mona has extremely high integrity and is truly a joy to work with!”

Having Mona as my OBM makes me feel like I can breathe easy knowing that my business is in the hands of someone I can trust implicitly, who does beautiful work and is also highly intuitive and understands the work I do – understands the soul of my business.

This is such an important factor for me, because there aren’t very many people out there who can actually understand the business and technical aspects AND the spirit behind everything I do.

Elysia Hartzell • Spiritual Healer and Teacher

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